The Second Online International Conference on the Future of Urban Public Spaces(FUPS2021)
Concerning the complex challenges that cities are facing around the globe, the concept of public space studies requires a multidisciplinary approach in connection with environmental, social, political, economic, and health issues. We pursue such an outlook in the Future of Urban Public Spaces Conference(FUPS).
In FUPS2018, we had active participants from Austria, UK, Indonesia, New Zealand, Turkey, US, China, Russia, Check Republic, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Nigeria, India, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherland, Romania, and Iran.
FUPS2021 is online, and as a chair of the conference, I appreciate any collaboration from all over the world.
FUPS2021 welcomes papers that consider closely case studies of public spaces in the following 11 themes:
Theme 1: Public Spaces and Lessons from History
Theme 2: Public Space & Environmental Challenges
Theme 3: Public Space; Quality, Design, and Management
Theme 4: Public Space & Urban Transformation
Theme 5: Public Space and Urban Regeneration
Theme 6: Public Spaces and Health
Theme 7: Public Space and Technology
Theme 8: Public Spaces and Socio-Economic Challenges
Theme 9: Public Spaces and Urban Mobility
Theme 10: Public Space and Urban Tourism
Special Theme 11: Public Space and Pandemics
For further information, please visit our website:

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